Founded in 2015, Those People collects frank writing by bold Black folks. While we're committed to exposing honest and diverse experiences, we believe that there is something about living life Black that unites our voices. If we've done our job, our readers leave our pages with at least a little bit to think about.

We welcome submissions from writers and non-writers alike. If you have a story to tell, we want to help you tell it.



Felicia M. Gordon


Felicia Megan Gordon is an artist, lawyer and producer residing in Sugar Hill, Harlem. She started her career in publishing at Condé Nast and has gone on to produce film, provide artistic direction for musicians and design clothing for Sugar Hill Culture Club, a collective she founded in 2007. 

Gordon has appeared in ELLE, Allure, and The New York Times. 


John L. Fisher

Contributing Editor

John was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. An AFI and Howard grad, his writing can be found at Random Nerds and Those People.

He is a Scorpio.


Jared Fellows

Audio Engineer

Jared Fellows loves capturing good, clean audio from the world. In his free time, he DJs, co-hosts the dance party crew Soggy Cig's, listens to dub, hip-hop, drum n bass, and records location audio for movies.

Otherwise, catch him chilling.